Monday, December 7, 2009

"I crafted it entirely by hand!"

The image descriptions on people's Wikipedia photographs always crack me up. Take this gem, for example:

"I (AdamFirst) created this work entirely by myself."

...Right. Lo, I, Adam, had no help at all. Nobody helped me point the camera. Nobody carried me to Broad Street; I walked there all on my own. I supplied all the energy to the finger that pushed the shutter button; no one helped me. Heck, I even placed that van there, right in the middle of the photograph, all by myself.

Good work, guy.

Another common howler is the "self-made image" (I warn you, do NOT Google "'self made image' wikipedia". You will regret it.) "Self made image" conjures up the notion of some lonely artiste, slaving away into the wee hours of the night, painfully chiseling away at some hyper-detailed wood cutting, and finally lifting aloft his self-made image for all the world to see.

Instead, it's usually some point and shoot crap.

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