Friday, March 26, 2010

Is it all one word? Is it all one title?

I love what Amy Goodman does on Democracy Now!; in fact it makes most other news casts, even NPR's, seem incredibly tame. But there's just something strange and wrong about the way she introduces her show every day.

1) "From Pacifica, this is Democracy Now." What the hell is "Pacifica"? A studio? A radio station? A town? A company? A sponsor? An east Asian deity? A small island nation?

2) "This is Democracy Now the War and Peace Report I'm Amy Goodman." She rattles off this non-sequitur sequence of words and titles like it's all one phrase, so the relationship between them doesn't really make sense at all. "The War and Peace Report" is supposed to be a subsection of the show, but it comes off like part of the show's title or the name of its website. Drives me nuts.

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